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Series Contents: Yu Yu Hakusho (2)

Here are the cels that have recently sold. I will not give out information about who they sold to, or for how much, so please don't ask. If the new owners want a temporary link to the cel's new home (aka their cel gallery), however, I would be happy to put one in here until the cel is removed from this page.

Cels remain on this page until either I purge the page for a new wave of cel selling, or I simply purge the page because it's been as-is for a while. If any sold cels have links to their new home galleries, I may leave them here a little longer (at the discretion of the new owner, of course).

Note: This contents of this page are purged often. The current compilation began on 09/23/2013.

Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Character: Yukina (Hiei's sister)
Episode #: ?
Stats: 1 layer, B22
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: A very lovely Yukina. She looks sad and shy, and I'm wondering if she is holding her Hiruiseki in her hand. Please note that some parts of this cel, despite having an outline, are not painted. Judging by the sketch (which I am including a scan of for reference) those parts were not intended for this layer and are on another one. It is extra outline, rather than missing paint. In the sketch there is a little blue colouring in her clothes that didn't show up in the scan.
Cel Condition: Very good. Minimal line fading, minor cel surface scuffing and dust, some tiny little red specks. On my 2nd look-over I noticed that 2 hair tips and 2 red ribbon tips have teensy spots of either missing paint or line damage. The image still looks good. There is a little colour residue and minor crinkling on the sketch.

Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Character: (Shuichi) Kurama
Episode #: Genbu Fight
Stats: 1 layer, B2
Sketches: none
Comments: A cute yet tattered Kurama, which I'm pretty sure is from his fight with Genbu (4 Sacred Beasts). I'm torn on whether he's smiling in a sadistic /cocky or worried fashion, probably the former since his eyes don't look worried.
Cel Condition: Very good. Minor line fading. Very minor surface grit (teensy and sparse). A couple of small dents in blank cel area.

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