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Cels For Sale: Ordering & Contact Information

Contact: Jasmine Sailing, jsailing(at)netonecom.net.

Payment Options: Paypal (I will add the fee to your total), money orders and checks (with a 2 week holding period). I set up a Dwolla account, but haven't used it yet (would be happy for an opportunity to learn how to). Ask me about other methods.

Shipping can always be combined. In the US S/H (insured priority mail) for up to 5 cels valued at $100 or less is $9.50. Add $1 for a $200 order, and $3 for a $300 order. (Bigger orders will be calculated as they come.) Orders outside of the US are welcome, tell me where you are so I can figure out the shipping price. If I have any auctions running, you can combine shipping for auction and priced cels.

You didn't respond to my email! Hrm. Maybe you didn't make it through my spam wall. Maybe I had an airheaded moment (though I typically only have those when people ask about buying gallery cels I'm not selling, or just feel like chatting). Anyway, here's some other options.

Contact me via Twitter: Mention @madamecp in your tweet. This is the best bet for asking if my spam wall ate an important email about ordering cels.

Contact me via irc: I (as madamecp) idle on
/server irc.mibbit.net (chat.mibbit.com for web access)
/channel #cyberpsychos

Say something in the channel, and my irc program will begin flashing. I may or may not notice. Worth a try. Only try it once, and then wait. Being a nuisance and flooding the channel may get you kicked. If you are under the age of 18, you shouldn't join the channel (I'm not sure you should even be looking at my cel site)... but you can still try messaging me via mibbit. Again, hopefully I'll notice the flashing. Sometimes I'm simply not even home (or I'm asleep) while I'm idling there.

Chatting: If you really only want to chat about anime and cels... I can't guarantee that I'll be interested, but you can give it a try on Twitter or irc. I chronically forget to respond to chatty emails, sorry. If you saw the state of my bloated inbox you might understand why.

Cel Gallery | Cels For Sale | Sold Cels