Cels For Sale & Auction

Everything is now split up between multiple For Sale Pages. Series that I generally sell a higher than usual number of cels from have their own pages, and cels from all other series are on the Miscellaneous page. Just because it's Miscellaneous doesn't mean it isn't notable: series ranging from Sailor Moon to Rurouni Kenshin land in that section.

I eliminated the Auction page, and simply throw cels from the For Sale pages onto ebay every now and then. If you ask for a cel that is currently being auctioned I can provide the link, or you can buy it directly if the auction ends without bids.

Recently sold cels stay in the Sold section until I either randomly purge them, or remove them to make room for the next batch.

Cel image: many thanks to Tiger Eye and Hawk Eye (Sailor Moon) for aptly demonstrating how I feel about selling cels.

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