Flame of Recca = Rekka no Honoo
Studio Pierrot + Original Story by Nobuyuki Anzai

The Details: Okay. Someone around here is a definite Flame of Recca junkie. How many other series can I compile cel recaps from on a fight by fight basis? I can manage a few Yu Yu Hakusho fights, but they'll be teensy in comparison.

There are two primary sections for the Flame of Recca gallery: Characters and Fights. No cels are duplicated between the two sections. Character cels are any, um, cels of characters (solo and groups) that haven't been lumped into fight recaps. They are, for example, peaceful moments and all of the close-ups of Mikagami & Kage that you can stomach. The Fights cels are recap groupings of specific fights. Each fight is in chronological order, including every cel within them. This way people who have seen the entire series can relive parts of whichever fights they want, and people who have only seen part of the series can revisit the episodes they have already seen.

In both sections there can and will be deviations from the sub-category titles. The Fight recaps include anything that happens within the fight, including other characters gawking and commenting on the sidelines. The Character deviation springing to mind is that Recca can be seen under Beasts and Bipeds of Flame as well as under "Recca". And I sometimes base my groupings on the manga rather than the anime. For instance, under "Kurei's Loyal Uruha" you will find Raiha, Joker, Jisho, and Neon (plus Aki & Miki) simply because they are Kurei's loyal Uruha in the manga.



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