UBS Referee Cels

Series: Flame of Recca

In the manga there are 12 referee girls, one representing each animal of the Chinese zodiac. Tatsuko is around most, and Nemi second-most, but I'm trying to come up with cels of all of them (though getting all 12 would require hanken, *sniffle*). They don't quite all make it into the anime (the omissions are Umagi, Midori, and Inoko), but most of them do. There's a lot more scans coming up for this section.

The poor girls are as under-used as most of the other characters in the anime. Their manga selves have personalities, get scared out of their minds by Mikagami, heh, or at least Nemi does, and they don't wear the animal suits for a leisurely evening of hanging out.

Satomi, the serpent referee, can so far only be found in the Mikagami Vs Kai section. Nemi can also be found on the Mixed Groups page.

Up next: some more solo refs, and some ref groups.

Episode #: 36 or 37
Stats: 2 layers, A2 KEY END/B1 KEY (mouth)
Size: Vertical pan. 15.5" tall x 10.75" wide
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Umi, the rabbit ref (was that not obvious?). No, no, no, she is not supposed to be a Playboy Bunny... but I can't claim that the side effect doesn't amuse me. Umi referees the Domon Vs Magensha fight, which is actually the seven senshu + advisors Vs Magensha fight. She doesn't manage to be particularly happy about refing this fight, all the way through it (how often do you get to see a bunny girl behind a riot shield?). I accidentally trimmed off the tip of one of Umi's bunny ears while scanning this beast.

Episode #: ?
Stats: book cel, 2 layers, A2/B10 (both) KEY END
Sketches: 2 matching, unstuck
Foreground: Matching, unstuck
Comments: Yoko is the ram. I'll check her exact whereabouts in the series soon. It SHOULD be during the Fuuko vs Mikoto fight, but I haven't spotted the moment. I have a suspicion of when it could be, hopefully I'll check soon. There's not much image, but if you want to see Yoko without the foreground I included her.
Without Foreground

Episode #: ?
Stats: 1 layer, A6
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Nemi is the rat by Zodiac, though her character design seems to moreso make her the mouse. Nemi tries to usurp Tatsuko's position as referee, but winds up deciding she prefers being a commentator. The latter position is a lot less dangerous!

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