Team Ku Cels

Series: Flame of Recca

Team Ku is the only non-Uruha team you get to see in the UBS. There is also Team Circus, but what little notice they get in the manga is completely dropped out of the anime (they are briefly mentioned once). Team Ku likewise doesn't get anywhere near as much air time as they should have, but they got enough for the cels to stack up.

In the manga they hang out a lot more, and they continue to be a part of the story up through the end. At least one of the characters you somewhat get to know in the anime winds up suffering a pretty grisly death. And, no, sadly it isn't Fujimaru. Though he does suffer an amusing and highly deserved fate.

Ku was also the first team to fight the Hokage at the UBS. The round line-up was Daikoku (master of the Bo staff) Vs. Mikagami, Minamio (Rubber Man) Vs. Domon, Fujimaru (The Disgrace of Ku) Vs. Fuuko, and Saicho (Origami Boy) Vs. Recca. Due to Recca's stupidity and lack of awareness in regards to life threatening seriousness, Kuukai Vs. Recca happened as well.

Kuukai's a nice guy for doing what he did, and I like him, but I suppose Saicho is the one I'm most fond of. Therefore you'll see many cels of him here.

Up next: More Saicho. ;) A group shot (3 out of 4 Ku) that actually shows Minamio. I think Recca Vs. Kuukai will wind up being a separate category, though it'll mean fessing up to a certain obvious lie in a Yanagi cel caption. ;) Well, maybe the confession won't be necessary. And since all but one of these cels (plus to be scanned cels) are from the fight, it'll be a while before I split the section out.

Episode #: 23: Desperate Trials!!
Stats: 2 layers, stuck, A5/B4 (both) KEY END
Sketches: 2 matching, unstuck, + layout sketch & genga
Background: Matching, unstuck
Comments: When Kuukai begins using Ku's final succession technique, Saicho yells to Recca that he's serious now and will kill him. Since I have a lot of cels from the same fight out of order on this page, I'll give a quick road map. First is obviously the bottom Saicho. Before this Saicho is the one right after it on this page. Ah, it'll be in order when I organise the fight section.
Episode #: 23: Desperate Trials!!
Stats: 2 layers, stuck, A4
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: My cutest Saicho cel, I think. It's become clear that Kuukai (having suitably impressed his point upon the thoroughly battered Recca by now) wants Recca to kill him so the Ku reputation will be purged with his life. He will have taken responsibility for the murders. Saicho, crying, begs Recca to give Kuukai an honourable death and win the touranment. The second layer looks like it also says A4 and only has his lightest hair highlights on it.
Episode #: 18: The Sword of Shura!! Mikagami's March!!
Stats: 2 layers, stuck, A4/B7 (both) KEY
Sketches: 2 matching, unstuck
Comments: All of Team Ku, barring Minamio who is only a little clothing poking out from behind Kuukai's butt. Unfortunately his layer is too stuck to be scanned separately. This is when they're first entering the arena to fight, right before their rounds against Team Hokage begin. (hoo, hoo ha, hoo)
Episode #: 22: Sudden Change of Hotoke!! Other Face!!
Stats: 2 layers, unstuck, B9/FX (shadow)
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Saicho, waking up during the Kuukai Vs. Recca fight and wondering why exactly Team Ku still seems to be fighting. He hasn't stood up and asked yet, that'll happen a second later, but his expression makes the "Huh?" in his mind pretty obvious. Saicho had been unconcious from using up too much of his energy while fighting Recca. The shadow (FX layer) scanned a bit weirdly, but I think it's close enough. This cel is my definitive proof that Saicho does indeed have two eyes! Since he has two eyes in the sketch as well, I'm including it.

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