Koganei Kaoru Cels

Series: Flame of Recca

There will be tons of Koganei cels up soon. He'll appear more in the Fights section as well. I wound up with so many cels of him partially because I adore him, and partially because he is my son's favourite. Often when I see Koganei cels for sale, I can't help but think "Ooh! Griffin would love that one!". And so it goes in a family where the cartoon junkie parents allowed their kids to become the same type of critter. ;)

I think Koganei is the cutest kid in anime. He's a cocky little brat, and he has the adorable fangs to go along with it, but he is competent and practical enough to be worthy of his arrogance. He was raised by Kurei, who convinced him not to kill himself, was given the madougu Kougan Anki due to his skills in solving puzzles, and served as an active member of the Uruha.

When Koganei first met the members of Team Hokage, he had been sent with Mokuren to kindap Yanagi. I automatically liked him, but knew I loved him the moment he threatened to kill Mokuren. What a good boy!

You can see more Koganei cels in the the Koganei Vs Shiju and Mikagami Vs. Mokuren sections, and kind of in the Hokage Groups section. The Koganei Vs Shiju section pretty well depleted this page. Must... rectify... within a decade!

Up next: TONS more Koganei cels, including parts of some fight sequences.

Episode #: 32: Invisible Enemy/Battle Against Fear!!
Stats: 1 layer, A4
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Koganei has a "Huh?" reaction to Tsukishiro saying he looks so scrawny that only his Kaigetsu (a massive curved blade) should be enough for defeating him. Koganei's amusing response (after yet more preening from Tsukishiro) is that it's always the same with people who talk big, then there's the tears and begging later.
Episode #: 32: Invisible Enemy/Battle Against Fear!!
Stats: 1 layer, B10 KEY
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Very early in Koganei's match with Tsukishiro. After a brief spar, he changes Kougan Anki into Ryu and aims it up at his opponent. This match is during the semi-finals of the Ura Buto Satsujin, and Tsukishiro is a member of Uruha Ma.

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