Kage Houshi Cels

Series: Flame of Recca
Seiyuu: Mitsuishi Kotono

Kage Houshi's real name is Kagero, but I suppose I will always fondly remember her by the first name we were introduced to her with. She was the character I liked when I thought the rest of the story seemed dopey in the very beginning. Without her, I might not have proceeded and gotten as ridiculously hooked as I did. Unfortunately she becomes pretty much non-active later in the anime, but she does show off her old ninja talents again later in the manga. Kage is the immortal woman, and she crawls in and out of shadows (hence the pseudonym).

It's likely cruel of me to isolate her into her own section, after she was so lonely for 400 years. Lots of cels dictate that it happens, though.

Up next: Lots of Kage cels! I bet you never would've guessed.

You can find more Kage cels under Hokage groups.

Episode #: 27: Tears Shed Because of a Girl's Hair!!
Stats: 1 layer, A18 KEY END
Size: 27" tall x 17.75" wide
Sketches: 1 partial, unstuck
Background: Matching, unstuck
Comments: A very huge and beautiful pan cel of Kage with her Eikai. This cel is fated for the Recca Vs Meno fight grouping that I'm assembling at a ridiculously sluggish rate, but until that can happen I got tired of leaving such a beauty unlinked. The below cel will be moving to the eventual new section with it. I tried to figure out why this needed to be such a large cel by looking at it in the episode. They seem to zoom in on her face, then pan down her body.
Episode #: 27: Tears Shed Because of a Girl's Hair!!
Stats: 2 layers, A8/B2
Sketches: 2 matching, unstuck
Background: Stuck, likely matches
Comments: Kagero, looking quite rattled and announcing that there is a man (a tiny one) trapped inside the hourglass that's counting down how long Meno has to fight. I believe the background matches, judging by the little stadium bits shown to the unfilmed right side (cuts off in her hair onscreen), but only the dark blue parts should be showing through the blank parts. I'm not sure though.
Episode #: ?
Stats: 1 layer, A1 KEY
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: A plain ol', but still nice, close-up of Kage.
Episode #: ?
Stats: 2 layers, A1 KEY END/B1 KEY
Sketches: 2 matching, unstuck
Comments: A rather serious and set looking Kage. This cel is now on my For Auction page.

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