Miscellaneous Team Hokage Cels

Series: Flame of Recca

At this point I'm not even sure why I started a misc. Hokage section. What was I thinking?! Did it not occur to me that I have too many cels of the regulars? Maybe someone, like Domon since he kept falling into the gawker corner of Recca Vs Fuuko every time I scanned cels of him, will need to be here. Maybe Ganko and Kondo, because I don't seem to have as many cels of them (likely because they aren't regular fighters, and Kondo isn't a fighter at all).

For now I suppose this will be the temporary repository of any Hokage members I haven't yet gotten around to making a separate page for. Yanagi should splinter off soon. Recca (forgive me, Mikagami, for mentioning him right after "her", I swear it won't happen again, heh) will probably have his own category (full of highly pained cels, heh) as soon as I begin scanning cels of him that won't immediately fall into fight groupings.

You can already find Mikagami, Kage, Koganei, and Fuuko in their own sections. You can also find the gang scattered around in the Hokage Groups, Mikagami Vs. Mokuren, and Recca Vs. Fuuko sections.

Up next: Um... I'm not really sure, now that I pause to think about it. What would be ideal would be for all of Team Hokage to develop their own sections, and for this one to become home of the Hokage Ninja from 400 years prior to the story. But that would involve getting cels of some of those Hokage, which hasn't happened yet. I don't even have an Ouka. *sniffle* I'll leave the url open in case it ever happens.

Episode #: ?
Stats: 1 layer, A8
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Yanagi. Not sure when this happens, I'll check soon.
Episode #: 23
Stats: 1 layer, D4
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Yanagi thinks Recca just got his head bashed in by the Oni form of Kuukai (or his hefty necklace, more specifically). Obviously she's crying tears of astonished joy because she thinks she won't need to suffer through dumping the dead idiot for Mikagami now. *cough*

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