Kirisawa Fuuko Cels

Series: Flame of Recca

Fuuko was the second character (after Kage) I liked in the series. During episode 2 and part of 3, before Mikagami appeared. She's not really one of my top favourites since so many good characters were to follow, but I do still like her a lot (and definitely more than Recca and Domon!). She's also got the bonus of often being with Raiha. If she sticks with him, instead of being insane enough to go for Domon instead, she'll have tons of potential! Then there was the sad Hisui tale, but that was only in the manga. Actually, come to think of it, the Fuuko and Raiha story was really only in the manga as well.

The tomboy of the group, Fuuko initially warranted some respect for knocking Recca around a bit. In the very beginning, that seemed to be the one thing setting the standards for who I liked. She next, and more truly, warranted it at the end of her first fight during the Ura Buto Satusjin: against irritating yet pathetic letch Fujimaru. I enjoyed Fuuko's little speech at the end. She gets fan-serviced perhaps a bit too much, something I find more ironic than anything else because she's supposedly the ugly unfeminine girl. Yet she is the "ugly" tomboy who sports D-size cups! Heh. (BTW, I don't think she's ugly.)

The cels on this page keep drifting off to fight sections. I'll add at least one more definite non-fight cel soon.

You can see more Fuuko cels in the Recca Vs. Fuuko, Fuuko Vs Fujimaru, and Hokage Groups sections!

Episode #: 17: Team Hokage Appears!! Ura Buto Satusjin!!
Stats: 1 layer, B10
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: An interestingly shaded Fuuko close-up, looking... frighteningly sultry? It's when she's swivelling her head slowly up, admist colourful bubbles, in her preamble to offering the breast squeeze coupon as their big penalty for losing in the Ura Buto Satusjin. Now, when I put the next cel up, I'll look like I'm collecting the scene. I honestly did not realise where this cel was from, though I can't say the same for my other BSC cel. ;) Fuuko's basically saying "How about it?" here, just before offering her breasts up.

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