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Series: Flame of Recca, Yu*Gi*Oh Duel Monsters, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

It used to be that I didn't want fan cels but, between being surprised with a gift of one that I love and coming to the conclusion that I want cels of various manga & CG characters, I've been changing my mind. The cels on this page are in the descending order of their receipt.

OKAY!!! At this point I'll simply note right here that every single fan cel on this page was created by bottou-chan. Not only does she make lovely fan cels, she collects production cels as well. Visit her site via my "Friends' Cel Sites" page. And apologies to bottou-chan for my scans never really bringing out the full charm of these beauties, you know I try.

Series: Flame of Recca
Character: Mikagami Tokiya
Stats: need to check...
Comments: This, and the 2 fan cels below it, were opened by me on Christmas '03. The photographs (we photograph the opening of all presents, it's an anal-retentive habit that could only have been started by me) were hilarious. Not that I can give the hilarity any due credit here... When I opened the Renge, I smiled happily. When I opened the Thief King Bakura, I grinned. And when I opened this Mikagami, I looked like I'd just flipped over the edge into deliria. I actually had a UFO doll made from the exact same picture back around '00 (I still adore the doll). It's Sodom-era Mikagami (though his pants are actually grey, and it would take a pan cel to include his cute shoes). I always felt cheated by Mikagami's anime character design. He's lovely there, too, but not even 1/4 as lovely as he is in the manga. And I shouldn't even start on how much I prefer his manga outfits (notable favourites being the mismatched suit and the paperclip shirt, I am obviously charmed by the sad puppy punkette images). I did know I would wind up with a manga Mikagami fan cel, it was inevitable, but I didn't know it was this picture, and I wasn't prepared for how beautiful it is in person. Suffice to say my family had many a good laugh at me as I periodically hugged it or lapsed into staring dreamily at it. Why oh why couldn't the anime let him keep his green hair, so many other anime characters have it (not to mention a solid handful of Midorikawa Hikaru-voiced bishounen).
Series: Yu*Gi*Oh Duel Monsters
Character: (Yami) Thief King Bakura
Stats: need to check...
Comments: If marijuana should be illegal for the protection of our health, then creating characters as ridiculously attractive as Thief King Bakura should be as well. He is terrible for my heart. Don't worry, I'm a believer in medicinal marijuana and I would become a registered user of Bakura as well if need be. Or, more likely, registered to be used and then disintegrated by him. I was going bonkers when the Thief King Bakura stories started coming out. To think a Bakura could be SO much more whacked and sadistic... I could not read it fast enough (especially considering how slowly I read Japanese), but the Hon'ya suddenly stopped stocking Shonen Jump (Japan) during most of the stretch. It was long, desperate, scrounge time. So here's the lunatic himself, with a Kris knife. This cel hated me, no surprise. I put ridiculous amounts of work into making the scan resemble it, and I'm still not entirely sure about it.
Series: Flame of Recca
Character: Renge
Stats: need to check...
Comments: This is my favourite manga picture of Renge (it's a chapter title picture, Sodom-era). With her completely screwed up psychopathic child personality, it definitely suits her. I tried to protect my daughter from seeing this image. ;) Anzai did not seem to be a huge fan of giving characters noses during these chapters, and Sodom Renge looks confusingly too similar to Sodom Mikagami in black and white (no, no, I never thought this picture was Mikagami, he would be sticking swords through living things instead of mutilating dolls). The differences are distinct enough in colour. Or at least the orange hair versus the green hair are. ;) If this picture hadn't already been charming enough, the mouth area and traumatized eyes of the poor gutted plush victim would've done it for me. Yes, I clearly have issues.
Series: Yu*Gi*Oh Duel Monsters
Character: (Yami) Bakura
Stats: 2 layers
Comments: And another great fan cel from bottou-chan! Will anyone else ever make it onto this page? ;) I admit I'm a huge (to put it mildly) Bakura fan, he's such a delightfully sick bastard, and have long whined incessantly about wanting fan cels of him. One day I happened to be talking to bottou-chan in AIM when I overheard Bakura uncharacteristically exclaiming "Great Scott!" in the silly dub. After a long spat of hysterics, I managed to calm down and tell bottou-chan "That does it! I need a fan cel of him with a "Great Scott!" word balloon!". And then my family wound up suffering another round of hysterics when I opened my Xmas present from her and found that my wish had been granted. Of course the balloon is on a separate layer so I can have Bakura unobscured, but it's a little too priceless to have that comment with this expression and pose. ;)
Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Character: Maijin Hiei
Stats: 1 layer
Comments: A gorgeous (if you can use such a word in the same sentence as Maijin Hiei, heh) fan cel of Hiei in maijin form, painted by bottou-chan. This cel arrived unexpectedly while I was in a severe depression from my Mom's death, and it miraculously made me smile. Even if I add any production Maijin Hiei to my gallery, I'll always adore this one. The colouring is perfect, even if scans never seem to work out quite right. *gush, gush* Many thanks to bottou-chan for single-handedly ruining my resolve to avoid fan cels. ;)

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