Kagami's Crew Cels

Series: Ayashi no Ceres

SPOILERS! Many of these cels are from late in the series, so please be wary of spoilers in both the descriptions and the cel images themselves. The second cel on the page might lead you to thinking things you don't want to be thinking.

For now I'm considering Kagami's Crew to be Kagami (Aya and Aki's cousin), Alec C. Howell, Gladys Smithson, Wei Fei Li, and Touya (though he's bound to split off). These are lead staffers of the C Genome project. They're also the lead antagonists, barring Touya most of the time. They aren't the bad guys, though, that'd be the ancestor and even the ultimately insignificant Ji-chan (Grandpa).

At a fairly late point in the series, Kagami lectures Alec that he had known what would be required. That he had known he might need to become a demon for the experiment. Alec retorted (albeit not calmly) that he can't become a devil or a god, that he is only human. And that Kagami is only human as well. Of course the bulk of this story, for Kagami, is about being more than human.

Episode #: 12: Lost Choker
Stats: 1 layer, A2
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Wei gets in a squabble with Touya, who is trying to "rescue" Aki. Since Wei is Aki's real bodyguard, he needs to save him from being liberated. And he puts up an impressive fight against the magical boy, up until Touya demonstrates the ability to retrieve his dagger no matter how far away it is (in this particular instance it was under Wei's foot) and rather unexpectedly slashes Wei's face and eye. This cel is right when the slash is happening.
Episode #: 17: To be Drawn to Love
Stats: 3 layers, unstuck, A1/B5 (both) KEY END/D1 KEY
Sketches: 4 matching (2 B), unstuck, + production note
Background: Matching, unstuck
Comments: Alec, Kagami, and Gladys. Possibly a SPOILER. Alec is protesting the current experimentation plan, saying it wasn't bad when they fiddled with Touya's mind but "this time it's different" because she (Aya) might be disabled by too strong of a shock. Kagami assures him that they will only be taking Ceres' heart.
Episode #: 20: Touya (Spoiler Bleep) & 23 OP
Stats: 1 layer, A8 KEY
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Er, nothing happening in this cel. 'Tis merely a minor flesh wound that just happened to bleed a lot. HUGE SPOILER!!!! Touya, when Aki is... shall we say, having a word with Touya about coming in between him and his woman. Despite having been shot already, Touya valiantly asked him to return the hagaromo. The request earned another bullet. Telling Aki to go home to Aya earns a few more bullets, and here Touya's falling after receiving them. Unfortunately there's still another several to come. Even though I'm not the biggest Touya fan around, this was one heck of a scene.
Episode #: 23: Mikage Revived
Stats: 1 layer, A5
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Touya, proving Bruce and I were slightly wrong about thinking he was a sea monkey. ;) BIG SPOILER! Upon his return he reveals the story of what he is to Aya and Yuuhi. As we already learned earlier, he develops webbing between his fingers while swimming. Here he's swimming again, a few frames before coming out of the water with more of the mysterious red webbing. Immediately afterward he is lectured by the old man who took him in to become a truly human. This is shortly after Touya rapidly grew up, but before he met Aya.
Episode #: ?
Stats: 3 layers, unstuck, A1/B2/C3 (all) KEY END
Sketches: 3 matching, unstuck
Comments: A rare moment of Alec without his glasses. The sad puppy expression is not rare for him, though. The primary sketch is a beauty despite the lack of mouth, so have a look if you want.
Episode #: ?
Stats: 2 layers, unstuck, A1/B1 KEY
Sketches: 2 matching, unstuck
Comments: And a lovely Alec profile.

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