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Series: Card Captor Sakura

Here are the groups who don't fit nicely under any of the other categories. There will likely be more and more that will need to fall here as I branch off different groupings in the future. Li will need his own group, though I haven't gotten around to officially designating it yet, so he'll start this category off along with Yukito. Next will be cels of both Sakura and Tomoyo with Kero, and then many others.

Episode #: 35: Sakura's Wonderful Christmas
Stats: 3 layers, stuck, A1 KEY/B1 (x2) KEY END
Sketches: 1 partial, unstuck + 1 layout sketch
Background: Matching, unstuck
Comments: Li was always so adorable whenever he blushed about being around Yukito, so it was inevitable that I would nab a cel of one of those moments. This time Li, Yukito, Sakura, and Meilin are out for a fun day at the amusement park together, and eventually have lunch. Yukito's amazing talent for eating everything in sight at a rapid rate is a source of awe as usual, and Li begins defending him by saying "To be able to eat a lot of food is...". Yukito finishes with "Very healthy, right?", and Li has this blushing fit while nodding in agreement.
Episode #: 48: Sakura and the Awakened Star Key
Stats: 1 layer, A3
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Yue and Sakura. After the Judgement, Eriol becomes a presence in the story. As Yue, Sakura, Kero, and Tomoyo face an attack he planned to test them, Yue saves Sakura by picking her up and flying her out of harm's way. He is injured and out of commission for a while as a result. The below cel happens very shortly afterward.
Episode #: 48: Sakura and the Awakened Star Key
Stats: 2 layers, unstuck, A8/B8
Sketches: 2 matching, unstuck
Comments: Kero also gets hurt trying to protect Sakura. In this cel, he had just collapsed and a concerned Tomoyo kneeled down to check on him. He tells Sakura to run, but it's already a bit too late. There's a cel in the Sakura section that happens a bit later in this episode (right about when she finally starts doing something).
Episode #: 47: Sakura and the Mysterious Transfer Student
Stats: 2 layers, stuck, A4/B4
Sketches: 2 matching, unstuck
Comments: Sakura & Kero. This is the beginning of Eriol's first test, though it's still the first test when Yue and Kero get hurt in the above cels from the next episode. Poor Sakura realizes her key wasn't working so, after Kero saved her from a gush of water, she turns to him and says "Kero-chan, the key...". He then looks upward, suspecting exactly what is happening but not jumping into letting the details be known.
Episode #: 47: Sakura, Touya, and Cinderella
Stats: 1 layer, A31
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Touya as Cinderella and Yoko as the Prince in their school festival play. It's quite an odd play, and not for the casting of these two characters (Yukito's role springs to mind). Poor Yoko has a crush on Touya, so the adoring look isn't an act. She finds out later in the episode, not particularly to her surprise, that he already has someone.
Episode #: 7: Sakura's First Attempt as a Thief
Stats: 1 layer, B25
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Sakura, Kero (dressed as a bat, being an imperfect stuffed animal), Tachibana Yuki (a one-shot character for this episode), and Tomoyo at the museum at night. To celebrate their not exactly legal entry, Tomoyo created a bat suit for Sakura. Let's hope she has this video tape guarded particularly well! Yuki is the child of an artist whose painting is the focal point of the episode.

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