Bakuretsu Hunters
Xebec/TV Tokyo/Sotsu Film

The Details: I've been making it as difficult as possible for myself to start collecting this series. By my own rules, my first cel would need to be of SD Zoanthropy. A bit over a year ago, I get the set of 2 that you see here. The next cel was and still is supposed to be an affordable super-cute Marron from the OAVs. Well, we all have our own ways of curbing our collecting habits. ;)

This was one of the strange occasions of the lead character being my favourite. At least in the TV series, in the OAVs he's a bit much for me and I prefer Marron. But in the TV episodes Carrot has such a good heart, so much wacky energy, and there's so many good reasons to pity the poor guy. Not only does he live with his Zoanthropy reality, but despite that he's almost always being beaten up by women. A lot of guys are happy to find some pretty dominatrixes to be chased around by, Carrot is moreso cursed with them. Then there's all of the women who simply beat him up for hitting on them... Which would be just about every pretty woman he meets.

Episode #: ?
Stats: 1 layer, A3
Sketches: 1 almost matching (A4), unstuck
Comments: If you don't want to know too much about Carrot's problems that crop up in the third episode, don't keep reading. Carrot's special ability is that, upon absorbing a magical spell, he turns into a giant scary shaggy monster called Zoanthropy. This beast that's big enough to go audition for monster movies at Toho isn't the best thing to become, as it's not entirely restrained and handles problems by squashing them. Of course these cels aren't of that Zoanthropy. This is the beast when he's being turned back into Carrot. There's only one thing he fears, and that's Tira using her whip to restore his human self. This cel must be of Zoanthropy realizing she's after him, but I haven't yet figured out which episode it is from.
Episode #: 3: The Unwritten Laws of Light and Dark
Stats: 2 layers, partially stuck, A10 KEY/B4 KEY END
Sketches: 1 matching (A10), unstuck
Comments: And here's the poor dear scary beast again, while he's being flogged by Tira. He's crying "hime hime hime hime" but, since he'd just been doing the same with another woman who was flogging him, she tells him to call her queen instead.

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