Of Absurdities, Injuries, and Emotive Eyes:
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Updates! (Updates was last updated on 12/22/14.)

Random Notes (12/22/14): There are 34 priced cels in my For Sale section. My seiyuu section is not at all current. Will it ever be?

Despite being about 1.5 decades old, this cel site is in a perpetual state of flaky disrepair. There are many additions to come, much info to be added, many notes to myself to be removed, and many old horrible scans to replace. I'm pathetically sluggish about additions and upgrades due to general life hecticness plus various complications from Multiple Sclerosis and Grave's Disease (and back problems, and...). Or, in short, my health too often sucks AND I have kids AND several other projects.

The Details: You can semi-easily access every single cel I have on this site through the "By Anime Series" section. Even if I only have one cel for a series, I'll list it there. "By Seiyuu", on the other hand, only includes seiyuu whom I've noticed that I have three or more characters by. Or, in the instance of Midorikawa Hikaru, that I seem to be trying to collect cels of nearly every character by... My wishlist, for sale/auction items, friends' links, and web rings are under Miscellany.

You are welcome to use images from this site if you 1. contact me first 2. credit and link my site. NO direct linking to my images is allowed! It will ultimately drive me to only keeping small images here and that won't be fun for anyone.

SPOILER Warning! I include a lot of info that enters spoiler territory. In some cases, simply including the episode # (or even just the cel scan!) is a spoiler. Please proceed with extreme caution if you feel you must look through galleries for series you have not seen yet.

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Background: My favourite lost boy, Mikagami from Flame of Recca (this image is the product of a character's imagination). Hey, he does have the Injuries and the Emotive Eyes! To the right are cels of Koinosuke (Jubei-chan) Xellos (Slayers), Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho), Shido (Nightwalker), Larva (Vampire Princess Miyu), and a bloody mortified desperate Mikagami (can you get all of that from his eyes? Well, you can get the bloody part from his shirt).

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